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This is the website for Alan Fox. He is the author of The FIRE BOOK of Scenes and Stories. . . . Below is some pitching, put in plain talk, and presented here for your consideration.

You will find three sections:

  1. A pitch for his forthcoming book, The FIRE BOOK of Scenes and Stories. (Coming June 2013)
  2. A short bio of Alan Fox describing his work as a professional business writer and communications director.
  3. A selection of reviewer comments for the book.

Thank you.



About His Book

The FIRE BOOK of Scenes and Stories (First Edition)
By Alan Fox
Fiction | Essays
ISBN-13: 978-0-9762276-3-2 | $34.95 US

Coming this Spring
Buy it June 2013 on
Buy it June 2013 on

The FIRE BOOK of Scenes and Stories (First Edition) -- is a book of three love stories and an essay on storytelling. Each of the three love stories is a comedy about the insanity of our modern world.

Alan Fox writes character stories about people with: Attitude. People fighting for a theatrical attitude toward life. People fighting to build an indestructible sense of wonder against a brutal world, a wild, strange, dangerous and mysterious world.

The Fire Book is a 'fight' book of how to build your character, and how to move your way through the scenes and stories of your life, in a mindbending world.

Presented here are:

"The Sound Chaser Versus the Thunder God" -- The story of a young man and woman who take on the world in a reality battle, a battle of what's real versus unreal, of what is the danger in life versus the rescue. The two young people find themselves confronted by a strange reality war craze that is sweeping across America, and they decide to fight back by setting out to start a love wave! A wave of love and wonder that they aim to spread across the national scene. The two young people decide to begin their journey by teaching the most warlike man in the country about the true nature of love, and wonder, and reality.

"The Girl Made of Cool" -- The story of a young man and woman who are falling in love with each other, but the young lady doesn't know it. She doesn't see the reality of who he is; she doesn't feel that he's the "one" for her. Instead, she thinks that she's falling in love with the young man's far more handsome, more perfect friend. The story becomes about the battle between the two men to win her heart. And about how each of the three characters in the story has a hidden talent that emerges as they struggle. The young lady is a mystery beauty. . . . And a hidden 'her' begins to emerge that is far more lovely and charismatic than either man imagined. She becomes a lady made of love, and elusive cool.

"The Blue Sky World" -- A love story about a young college graduate who enters the business world and discovers that it's filled with con artists. With confidence people trying to take you into a modern age unreality where you are to be destroyed. As the young man deals with one confidence attack on his life after another, he slowly reveals that he's actually something special: a quiet, but brilliant systems thinker with an amazing head for business. The story follows his journey toward enlightenment and love in the business world.

"The Storytelling Book" -- Is an essay story that is a 'fight' book for storytellers, and a look at the underlying reality of storytelling. It’s about 'how to tell a story' as theater. And how to use the inner principles of storytelling that are used by the great actors and actresses of theater and film.



About Alan Fox

ALAN FOX is a writer and a recognized public relations expert with 20 years of experience in using story-driven PR programs to help build businesses and brands. He has worked with a high number of the world’s best-known brands, and with many leading companies to promote a wide range of specialized brands.

Over the course of his long public relations career, he has also developed a sub-specialty by helping dozens of business authors to promote themselves and their books as branded products. He is himself an author and relates well to the challenges of industry experts and business spokespeople in promoting a product or a brand concept.

Fox has been featured as an expert source on the business uses of storytelling by “The Chicago Tribune”/Tribune Media Services, “Entrepreneur Magazine,” “Chief Learning Officer Magazine” and other leading print media. He has also appeared on numerous radio stations across the country to discuss effective presentation techniques and the high art, craft, and principles of great showmanship.

His fiction writing has garnered enthusiastic reviews across numerous publications and online outlets including:, “The Electric Review,” “Midwest Book Review,” “Roundtable Reviews,” “Slug Magazine” and others.

Alan Fox’s career clients (in alphabetical order) have included: Alpo Dog Foods; American Oceans Campaign; Anguilla Tourist Board; Bender Helper Impact; Bragman, Nyman, Cafarelli; CBS Consumer Products; Coca-Cola; DreamWorks Home Video; DVD Entertainment Group; Friskies Cat Foods; HarperCollins; Harvard Business Review Press; Hilton Hotels; Interactive Digital Software Association; James Beard Foundation Awards; JWT (J. Walter Thompson); Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; M. Young Communications; MAP (Management Action Programs); Medialink Worldwide; McGraw-Hill; MPRM Public Relations; Nestle USA; Penguin Group; Philips Electronics; Portfolio Marketing Group; Porter Novelli; Red Cross; RL Public Relations; South African Tourism; Starbucks; Telair International; TIME Magazine; Twentieth Century Fox; Universal Studios; Warner Bros.; Wiley/Jossey-Bass; The World Cup; and others.



What readers are saying about Alan Fox's stories

Praise for "The Seeker in Forever"

"Highly recommended . . . to be given high praise for an originality and cleverness that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking."
— Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

"A mind-bending world . . . This flight through the imagination requires a full and complete appreciation for the raw, elemental beauty of the human experience."
— Miranda Orso, The Electric Review

"This book will take you on a wild ride . . . A definite read for anyone looking for a rare adventure of violence, insanity, and power struggles."
— Adreann Stephens, SLUG Magazine

"The reader should be forewarned that this is not your mother's political satire, but instead a whole new animal altogether. . . . Prepare yourself for a bit of joyride the open-minded will undertake with gusto."
— Sylvia Cochran, Roundtable Reviews

Praise for "The Girl Made of Cool"

"Excellent — original and creative."
— John Aiello, Editor/Reviewer, "The Electric Review"

"I really enjoyed the book. It is my kind of love story. ... Five stars. It has been months since I read such a love story. ... Enthralling ... wonderful and deep ... and what a great ending. ... ‘The Girl Made of Cool’ is an unconventional and refreshing read. The characters are fascinating and their personalities evolve all throughout the book."
— Patricia Ortin, Blogger/Reviewer, "Peace, Love and Reviews" | Anaheim, CALIFORNIA

"A refreshingly delightful book ... humorous and entertaining."
— Brandé Waldron, Blogger, "Book Junkie" | Medford, MASSACHUSETTS

"Alan Fox's second novel is an intelligent, thought-provoking love story. . . . The titular ‘The Girl Made of Cool’ — the book consists of Alan Fox' second novel and two stories — is a subtle, harsh, intelligent story of a love triangle between three friends. . . . Fox shows us exactly why he is regarded as an expert in the field of storytelling. The Girl Made of Cool is far from your average love story. Instead it highlights the two very different interpretations of love that [the antagonist and the hero] Chet and Ridley embody, and through [the hero] Ridley gives it an almost ethereal atmosphere, and even shows where love belongs in our universe."
— Catherine Tuckwell, Reviewer/Journalist, “” | Sunderland, UNITED KINGDOM

"The Girl Made of Cool is really good. ... A wonderful book of love with three great love stories."
— Sherrie Plummer, Blogger, “Just Books” | Gas City, INDIANA

"I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Girl Made of Cool.’ . . . These are three great stories. . . . ‘The Girl Made of Cool" seemed more to me to be a social commentary on relationships and the different ways there are of approaching them than anything else, and by setting up the setting in such away, it allowed Alan Fox more freedom to work with what he was trying to say and to use his beautiful style for the things that actually mattered in the book. . . . . [The hero and antogonist] Ridley and Chet, roommates, are two very different people, both in love with the same girl. It was incredibly interesting watching how these two totally different personalities approached the same situation. . . . ‘The Girl Made of Cool’ was a great story, but it was not the only story in the book. If you have ever been duped by a charming guy or worked in the crazy business world, give this book a try!"
— Audrey Baker, Blogger/American-Traveling-Abroad | JAPAN

"The Girl Made of Cool is a quirky read. ... A very funny account."
— Michelle Greathouse, Blogger, “Michelle’s Book Blog” | Milner, GEORGIA

"This book was refreshingly cool. ... I wished it didn't have to end."
— Cindy Chan, Blogger, “I Love Book Gossip” | Brooklyn, NEW YORK



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